2016 Meeting Highlights

November 2016 Meeting Highlights

Cathy Leong, Western District Past President, facilitated the November meeting. After quick introductions to familiarize new faces at the meeting, Cathy announced the section’s upcoming community service Adopt-A-Highway event, which will occur on Saturday, November 19, 2016.

Cathy introduced Rock Miller, Senior Principal for Stantec Consulting in Irvine, California, who gave a presentation about protected bikeways and cycle tracks. Rock answered questions from the audience to conclude his presentation. Cathy then introduced Mark Spencer, Managing Principal for W-Trans’ Oakland office, who gave a presentation about San Jose’s Downtown Parking Guidance System project. He also answered questions from the audience to conclude his presentation.

September 2016 Meeting Highlights

Newly elected President, Sara Okuda, facilitated her first meeting as President at the September Meeting which was held at Wilson Okamoto Corporation. To start the meeting, Sara facilitated introductions around the room, asking everyone to each introduce themselves with their name, place of work/school, and who introduced them to ITE Hawaii. Sara then announced the 2016-2017 officers and committee chairs and spoke about the cancelled Aiea Loop Trail hike and successful Adopt-A-Highway joint event with ASCE. Wayne Yoshioka encouraged the membership to attend future Adopt-A-Highway events. Sara announced that we will be e-mailing the section when our next section meeting date is confirmed. Cathy Leong, Western ITE District Past President, made an announcement that the Western District Annual Meeting 2020 will officially be held in Hawaii at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The Annual Meeting will occur from June 28 to July 1.

Vice President Chad Kadokawa then introduced Pasha Hashemi, a Ph.D student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who then gave a presentation about potential factors affecting roadway departure crashes in Oahu, Hawaii. He answered questions from the audience to conclude his presentation.

June 2016 Meeting Highlights

The ITE Annual Hawaii Section Meeting was held on June 22nd at the Plaza Club Ballroom. President Nita Wolfgramm welcomed everyone to the meeting and went over a few announcements. Vice President Sara Okuda then introduced Chris Clark from the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, who spoke on the Oahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP) 2040. Cathy Leong, Western ITE District President, then announced and swore in the new 2016-2017 ITE Hawaii Section Officers: President: Sara Okuda, Vice President: Chad Kadokawa, Secretary-Treasurer: Claire Fukuoka.

April 2016 Meeting Highlights

On April 27, 2016, President Nita Wolfgramm opened the meeting welcoming everyone to the Hawaii Section April Meeting at the Wilson Okamoto Corporation office. Cathy Leong, Western ITE District President, then mentioned that elections for next year’s officers will be held soon. The slate of candidates for the 2016-2017 elections includes the following:

President: Sara Okuda
Vice President: Chad Kadokawa
Secretary-Treasurer: Claire Fukuoka

Cathy also mentioned that the Hawaii Section Annual Meeting is expected to occur sometime in June and is tentatively set for the Plaza Club. Cathy then introduced our speaker Neelam Dorman who presented via GoToMeeting from California. Neelam is currently involved in the California High Speed Rail project which is expected to connect Northern and Southern California.

March 2016 Meeting Highlights

On March 2nd, President Nita Wolfgramm welcomed everyone to the section meeting and Cathy Leong, Western ITE District President, provided an introduction to the current Western District Board Members and information on the new/ongoing initiatives taking place within the district. Cathy also discussed the possibility of having the Western District Annual Meeting in Hawaii in the Year 2020. The ITE Hawaii Section will continue to prepare a full proposal which includes a presentation to the Western ITE District Board. Cathy mentioned that hosting the annual meeting will take a lot of work and hopes that everyone will be able to lend a helping hand. At the end of the presentation, Robert Nehmad volunteered to assist with registration duties.