February 2015 Section Meeting

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the Section meeting was held at the Fasi Municipal Building, Honolulu.

President Pete Pascua opened the meeting with everyone introducing themselves.  He announced that the District meeting will be in Las Vegas this year, and that the deadline for the call for abstracts is coming up soon.

Western District Vice President Cathy Leong made the announcement that Western District Elections are coming up, and that she is running for President.

Vice President Natasha Soriano thanked Danny Smoot with Phoenix Pacific, Inc. for helping to coordinate the featured speaker, and introduced speaker Nathan Welch, visiting from California.  He is the Director of Sales for McCain, Inc., who actively participates in standard committees such as NEMA 3YS, Sustainable Traffic Signals Development, and ITE standards working group for the ATC.

Nathan gave a PowerPoint presentation Introducing the ATC Cabinet Series.  He spoke about how the ATC Cabinet Series has a modern design for Safety, Efficiency, and Environmental awareness.  Its high-density components optimize cabinet space, providing the same equipment in ½ the space, capable of managing multiple and complex intersection with 32-channel outputs.  The ATC Cabinet Series are fully LED compatible, supporting the use of ultra low power LEDs.  Nathan talked about there are now 2 watt LED’s and are pushing vendors to go to 1 watt, looking towards the opportunity to make traffic signals solar powered and off grid.  Looking to the future, these smaller eco-friendly devices are providing more data providing for the possibility of connected vehicles with HUD’s in windshield, traffic signal red/yellow/green in vehicles, or no intersections at all.

Nathan took questions from the group and members had specific questions that were well discussed and answered.  Danny informed the group that they are holding a Lunch & Learn with Nathan on Friday and Nathan shared that McCain also offers free webinars.