May 2014 Section Meeting

President Packard opened the meeting, stating that all members should have gotten their Western ITE ballots by email.  If not, let Cathy know.

Director Yoshida announced the candidates for Hawaii Section election:

President – Pete Pascua

Vice President – Natasha Soriano

Secretary – Sara Toyama

Treasurer – Robert Nehmad

Vice-President Gibson introduced speaker Cyndy Aylett and James Matsuzaki, from the City & County of Honolulu, to talk about the City’s Pavement Management System (PMS).

Cyndy Aylett, from the Department of Facility Maintenance presented a PowerPoint presentation about the PMS.  She explained that the City was awarded a grant from the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, and started the project in October 2012, to develop and implement the system that will program the money to be most effective.  The City chose the MicroPAVER management system used by the US Army Corps of Engineers and earthmine images as the measurement technology which can be used by other departments as well.  Cyndy explained that the Pavement Condition Index is determined by distress type, quality, and severity.  She went over the factors impacting degradation and the different types of preservation treatments.  James helped answer questions about the GIS aspects, and the presentation concluded with picture examples of the different PCI categories.  The speakers took questions, and the attendees participated in discussion of pavement condition.