May 2013 Officers Meeting Minutes

President Packard called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm, Thursday, May 2nd.

Topic: Elections

Treasurer Toyama is changing jobs, but is still running for Secretary.

Vice-President Wolfgramm is not running for office due to personal conflicts.    President Packard is willing to run again for President to fill the gap in the slate of candidates.

Secretary Gibson is running for Vice-President.

Member Robert Nehmad is running for Treasurer.

The position of Director is typically filled by the past-president, but does not have to be.  Mr. Yoshida indicated that he is willing to serve in that capacity

Assigned Tasks:

  • Secretary Gibson will send out ballots
    • He will get an updated member list from the District
    • He will send emails to those with email, and paper ballots to those without
  • Director Hong will provide a sample ballot to the Secretary to use as a guide

Topic: Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be on June 19th at SSFM International from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm.  Lunch will be catered in.  On the agenda will be the guest speaker, ITE International President Zaki Mustafa, announcement of the election results, and the swearing in of the new officers.

Assigned Tasks:

  • Secretary Gibson will create an agenda
  • Vice-President Wolfgramm will provide a lei for the guest speaker
  • All officers should wear their ITE Hawaii Section shirts

Topic: Increasing ITE Hawaii’s Visibility

It was decided that ITE Section shirts would be provided for current and new officers going forward, but not Chairs.  This is intended to increase ITE’s local visibility and be an incentive for members to seek office.  Officers will also receive durable name tags with magnetic closures, while members will be provided sticker name tags at meetings.

Regarding a banner, no need had been identified, so it will not be purchased.

Several ideas for fields trips were also discussed.

Assigned Tasks:

  • Cathy Leong will investigate name tag options and costs in time to have name tags at the June annual meeting
    • She will also look into name tags for Past Presidents
    • Treasurer Toyama will purchase eight ITE Section shirts, four for current officers, one for International President Zaki, one for the incoming Treasurer, one for the current Director, and one for the incoming Director
    • Mr. Yoshida will investigate the possibility of ITE Chapter tours of both First Wind and the H3 tunnel control room

Topic: Student Involvement

President Packard expressed his desire to meet at UHM at least once in the coming year to help stir student involvement in ITE.

Assigned Tasks:

  • President Packard will coordinate at least one meeting, possibly more, at UHM in the autumn or winter.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.