September Meeting — Pat Phung’s Top 10 Tip for Accelerating Project Delivery

President Mike Packard called the meeting to order and introduced the speaker, Pat Phung from the Federal Highways Administration division office.

Mr. Phung presented his top ten tips to accelerate project delivery.  He noted the economic benefits of accelerating project delivery, the new performance-based federal planning requirements, and the public’s awareness of the environmental process.

His top ten tips were:

  1. Official correspondence letters should only include HDOT or FHWA’s letterhead
  2. Recognize the high-context style of Native Hawaiian organizations
  3. Understand the difference between HRS 343 and NEPA
  4. Develop and monitor project management plans or schedules
  5. Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act Programmatic Agreement
  6. Understand the integration of major environmental laws
  7. Don’t be afraid of adverse effect determinations
  8. Read the FHWA/HDOT Stewardship Agreement
  9. Understand the difference between a process law vs. a product law
  10. Attend training, workshops, and briefings

President Packard noted that the next meeting would be in Kapolei on October 31; the guest speaker would be Tara Lucas, from HDOT.