C.S. Papacostas Grant

Constantinos S. Papacostas

In 2012, the ITE Hawai’i Section established an Annual Meeting Grant to provide assistance to Hawaii Section members selected to present papers at ITE Western District Annual Meetings. This grant was renamed the Constantinos S. Papacostas Annual Meeting Grant in 2015 to honor the dedication and contributions of Dr. Constantinos S. Papacostas. Costas, as he was affectionately known as, contributed over 40 years to the transportation profession as the Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Director of the Hawaii Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), and one of the founding members of the ITE Hawaii Section. In 2022, the application of the grant funds was broadened to include other continuing education opportunities in an effort to encourage greater participation.  The following are the guidelines regarding the distribution of this grant:

  • The ITE Hawai‘i Section will offer a single annual scholarship up to $500 to be used for funding a continuing education opportunity during the same calendar year.
  • Appropriate continuing education opportunities include the following:
    • ITE Western District Annual Meeting
    • ITE Western District Student Leadership Summit
    • ITE International Annual Meeting
    • ITE International Technical Conference
    • LeadershipITE
    • ITE Webinar/Training Program (Western District or International)
  • Applications for the Hawai’i Section Grant must be submitted in writing to the ITE Hawai’i Section Board by January 1st. The request must be submitted online through the Section’s website and will include the applicant’s planned continuing education opportunity, an estimated cost to participate, and a summary of why they should be selected.
  • The recipient(s) must be active and in good standing with ITE International, ITE Western District, and the ITE Hawai’i Section at the time of the application.
  • The ITE Hawai’i Section Board will select a single awardee for this grant.  The applicant’s involvement with ITE on the local, District, or International level, will be factored into the ITE Hawai’i Section Board’s selection. Consideration will be given to new applicants for the grant over previous recipients.
  • The ITE Hawai‘i Section Board has the sole discretion whether or not to sponsor a member and has the right to discontinue the grant at any time.
  • The recipient of this grant area is required provide a written summary to the ITE Hawaii Section Board within 30 days of their continuing education experience.  The summary should include a brief discussion of what they learned and the benefit of their participation.