February 2022 Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: February 23, 2022

Venue: Virtual Meeting 


President Jasmine Teramae-Kaehuaea started the meeting and welcomed attendees.

Committee Chair updates

  • UH Student Chapter Welcome Back Showcase & Virtual Resume Workshop – Student Chapter Professional Liaison Michelle Agustin gave a summary of the student events.
  • Legislative Committee Report – Co-Chair Wayne Yoshioka gave an update on some of the bills that he’s tracking and encouraged members to let him know which bills are important to them.
    • SB2299- Relating to Traffic – changes the traffic code to allow a bicyclist to proceed through an intersection from a right-turn only lane if they cannot safely merge into the through traffic lane. This bill was passed by TRS, passed the 2nd reading, and has been referred to JDC.
    • SB3274- Relating to Transportation – This bill appropriates expenditures for ped and bike infrastructure projects and includes funding for 2 FTE grant writer positions in HDOT to access IIJA funds.  Passed by TRS, passed 2nd reading, referred to WAM, passed by WAM.
    • SB2832- Relating to Transportation – This bill would establish a collective bargaining unit for graduate assistants employed by UH.  Passed 1st reading, referred to LCA/HRE, WAM – no action.
    • SB2517- Relating to Bicycle Commuting – This bill would establish a goal for HDOT to have an unspecified percentage of commuting trips be by bicycle or e-bike by 2030.  Passed 1st reading, referred to TRS, TRS deferred the measure.
    • SB3255- Relating to Highways –This bill relates to Waianae Coast Traffic Improvements. Passed by TRS, passed 2nd reading, referred to WAM
  • HCES Engineers week event at Windward Mall – Co-Chair Joel Thomas gave an update regarding the event.

National/District updates

Vice President Keoni Wasano and Section Administrator Cathy Leong gave a preview of upcoming national and district events including the following.

  • MiteY Mentorship Event – March 9th
  • ITE Western District Virtual Spring Webinar on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – March 10th
  • ITE’s Virtual Spring Conference: Innovations that Work – March 15-16
  • Technical Solutions Event – May


Keoni introduced co-presenters Lauren Armstrong – Executive Director, Maui MPO – and Pam Eaton – Planning Program Administrator, County of Maui. 

Lauren and Pam presented the current status of the Ka’ahumanu Avenue Community Corridor Master Plan, which looks at opportunities for transit-oriented development within a half-mile buffer of Kaahumanu Avenue — an important corridor on Maui with numerous destinations and employment centers.  The vision for the project is to create a “community corridor” that makes it easy for people to take the bus, walk, bike, and roll. The Master Plan included a land-use assessment, demographic and travel analysis, mobility system assessment, water and utility systems, market analysis, and affordable housing assessment. Their presentation is available here.


Jasmine thanked the speakers and informed everyone that the March meeting would be postponed.  Instead, she encouraged members to attend the District ITE events in March.  Jasmine thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.