February 2021 Meeting Highlights

A virtual section meeting was held on Wednesday, February 20, 2021. There were 20 ITE members in attendance.

President Kelly Akasaki welcomed everyone to the meeting. Wayne Yoshioka, Legislative Chair, provided information regarding two bills currently in the legislation. House Bill 132 (HB132) – Relating to License Plates, would allow for use of a single license plate on vehicles rather than two. Senate Bill 1402 (SB1402) – Relating to Transportation, intends to modernize its planning and projects by achieving equity for all communities and addressing climate change.

International Director Cathy Leong introduced the guest speaker, Keoni Wasano, Director of ITS Engineering with Goldwings Supply Service, Inc. Keoni’s presentation focused on the FCC safety band ruling, its impacts on connected vehicle projects, and how it affects the innovative technology landscape. His presentation is available through the ITE Hawaii section website.

Lastly, Jenny announced that the next session meeting meeting will be cancelled in support of ITE’s virtual Technical Conference on Intersections and Streets. This online technical conference focuses on new and innovative solutions to transportation challenges being implemented in communities in the United States and around the world. This two-day event will feature 10 technical sessions developed by ITE’s Councils and Committees along with a plenary session and engaging networking activities. Conference topics include Bicycle and Pedestrian Treatments, Micromobility, Multimodal Performance Measures, and Safe System Approach. Program and registration information can be found here.

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